I am the Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of the Alpari brand, founder of ForexTime (FXTM), and director of the Alpari Charitable Fund and the Andrey & Julia Dashin's Foundation. As of late, my family and I have been living in Cyprus, which has become our new home.

Success in life is not a coincidence; it involves having the ability to use any life experience to help you achieve your goals. Your character is formed every day. We remember only life's most colorful moments, but if we are talking about "how the steel was tempered", we need to remember everything down to the smallest detail. People write multi-volume memoirs, which, even when of great worth, can be hard to get through.

So I am going to stick only to the most important things.

  • January – The year began with FXTM being awarded for Fastest Order Execution from and Best Investor Training Institution from

    February – Another award followed, this time from naming FXTM the ‘Best Sell-Side Analysis Contributor’. While the Alpari Charitable fund was also awarded for its achievements by the Financial Press Club of Russian Union Journalists.

    April – This was a great month. Alpari extended its partnership with Grandmaster Sergey Karyakin following his victory in the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Crown in late March. Additionally, Interfax named Alpari the leading Forex Broker in Russia for the fifth year running. This month also saw the official opening of the FXTM offices in London, marking its substantial and strategic growth.

    June – The 11th marked the 2 year anniversary of mine and my wife’s charity foundation and was celebrated in a fantastic benefit concert in Nicosia which managed to raise thousands of euros for the Cyprus Neonatal Care Unit for Pre-mature Babies.

    July – The month I turned 41, FXTM completed a big milestone, announcing its partnership with legendary Red Bull athlete and world-record holder in BASE jumping, Valery Rozov. It was also the start of hopefully a new tradition for the Andrey and Julia Dashin foundation – La-Dee-Dah Nights. A three-day film festival which took place under the glistening stars of the summer sky at Molos’ big dock in Limassol. The festival was held in support of the Cyprus Anticancer Society’s Evagorion Palliative Day Care Centre in Limassol and raised 4.000 euros.
  • January - The year began with the research team of Interfax, one of the most influential news agencies in Russia and the CIS, recognizing Alpari as the largest Forex broker in Russia for the fourth consecutive year. Today, Alpari takes in as much as 30.5% of the average monthly turnover of the Forex market in Russia and more than 28.3% of the total number of active Russian forex traders. The start of 2015 also marked the continued sponsorship of the Zenit Saint Petersburg Football Club with Alpari. FXTM was also awarded from China’s leading financial news portal, for being the ‘Most Promising Forex Broker’ in China.

    February - I closed the acquisition deal of Alpari (UK) intellectual property portfolio, which applies to more than 60 countries. These include all the member states of the European Union, South and North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Alpari is serving customers in Russia and the CIS and has launched a global expansion strategy.

    March - Alpari passed another milestone – the one millionth client signed up with the Russian branch of the Alpari brand.

    April - ForexTime received two prestigious titles: the "Most Trusted Forex Broker 2015" award during the 14th MENA Forex Show in Dubai and the "Most Educational Broker" award for 2014 from the folks at FX Empire.

    May - the FXTM Aravis Boxing team hosted a new international boxing tournament in Limassol, Cyprus. The Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation acted as the Honorary Charity Supporter for the Russian Cultural Days event.

    June - the Andrey & Julia Dashin's Foundation became the Honorary Benefactor for the 10th anniversary of the Cyprus-Russian Festival in Limassol. In mid-June the Russian Foreign Ministry held the prestigious public award ceremony for the Financial Elite of Russia 2015 awards, where Alpari deservedly received the ”Grand Prix: Forex Broker of the Year” award. I am particularly pleased to note that, this year, Alpari became the winner of this esteemed award for the seventh time.

    August – FXTM collects two of Forex Report’s most prestigious awards – Best Broker in Eastern Asia and China and Best Affiliate Program.
  • In January, for the third year in a row, Alpari was recognized as the leader in Russia's over-the-counter Forex market according to Interfax CEA. At the beginning of March I took part in the Russian Economic & Financial Forum in Switzerland, and in mid-April at the first International Forex congress in Moscow. In May, the Andrey & Julia Dashin's Foundation began its charitable work in Cyprus. In June the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, recognized the work of the Alpari Charitable Fund and I received an official commendation for the "Active Involvement in the Building of the First Children's Hospice in the Republic of Tatarstan". At the beginning of the summer, Alpari won the "Grand Prix: Forex Broker of the Year" at the Financial Elite of Russia awards ceremony. In September, Alpari won "Best Forex Broker in Russia" at the Golden Phoenix Awards.
  • At the start of the year, my company ForexTime (FXTM) officially began operating, and by the end of April it had already won prizes at the prestigious Middle East Mena Forex Awards 2013 in two categories, while in July, FXTM also won the "Best Newcomer 2013" award at the World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards. At the end of May, the board of trustees of the Service for the Social and Legal Protection of the Ministry of Interior Personnel of the Russian Federation - appointed me as their Chairman. In June, Alpari received an award at the Financial Elite of Russia 2013 Awards in the "Forex Company of the Year" category, and I was individually honored with an award "For Contribution to the Development of the Forex Market in Russia". It is important to note that, in December, Alpari celebrated its 15th anniversary. In addition, Interfax CEA named Alpari as the largest Forex broker in Russia for 2013.
  • Alpari was once again recognized as a leader in online Forex trading. In a report issued by the authoritative independent online resource Forex Magnates (, Alpari was named one of the three largest Forex brokers in the world in 2011. In February 2012 "Alpari: On Top of the World" got underway. The initiative of this project was the first of its kind in the Russian business world. A team of 3 mountain climbers managed to scale the tallest mountain on each of the world's seven continents and unfurl the Alpari flag at the summit in just 300 days. Towards the end of the year, Alpari's leading position in the market was confirmed once again when the Interfax news agency named Alpari the largest Forex broker in Russia in 2012.
  • In July 2011, I was fortunate enough to be presented with the Order of Beneficence, an honor bestowed upon me by the Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenas for my charitable efforts. The awards ceremony was even more special to me as it took place on my birthday, July 8th. The success of my company continued that year and it was very pleasing to me. Alpari was named the "Company of the Year in the Forex Market" at the Financial Elite of Russia Awards, our fourth big win in this annual ceremony. I think this is becoming somewhat of a tradition. In December, Interfax published a report naming Alpari the largest Forex broker in Russia.

    2011 was also a special year for my family. On November 1, 2011 my daughter Anfisa was born.
  • February. My work is recognized by the panel of judges for the "Person of the Year 2009" Award. The panel consists of a number of important figures in the Russian economic world such as Ruben Vardanyan, Viktor Gerashenko, Arkadiy Dvorkovich, and others. The awards ceremony took place in Kremlin, Moscow. The only person hailing from Tatarstan to have been recognized as the "Person of the Year", was President Mintimer Shaimiev in 2008, honored in the category "Regional Leader of the Year”. I was "Person of the Year" in the category "Contributions to the Market of Brokerage Services". Additionally, Alpari is named among the "Financial Elite of Russia 2005-2010," an honor demonstrating the trust of our industry colleagues as well as our clients and partners.
  • December. A Board of Directors is formed. I am chosen as the Chairman of the Board. Alpari is recognized as having the "Best Innovative Technology in Forex" at the Financial Olympus 2008 Awards. Not long after, Alpari takes home the "Grand Prix: Forex Company of the Year" prize as part of the 5th Annual Financial Elite of Russia Awards. Alpari UK was also recognized at the Share Magazine Awards. Highly regarded in London business circles, Share Magazine is one of the UK's leading daily publications.
  • January - a decision is made by the Board of Founders to name me as President of the Alpari Group. February. I am invited, along with several other managers who have had an impact on the development of the Alpari Charitable Fund, to the Kazan Kremlin to receive the award "Charity of the Year 2008" from the President of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev. We continue to feel a growing desire not only to help others ourselves, but also to bring as many sympathetic people on board as possible. In November, we began publishing a magazine about the Charitable Fund called "Open Heart." We envision "Open Heart" to be a symbol of goodness, charity, sympathy and the constant readiness to help those close to us. I founded and oversaw the publication of the magazine.
  • November - the Alpari Charitable Fund is honored as "Charity of the Year" in the category "Non-Commercial Organizations and Charitable Funds." December. Alpari was named "Russia's Company of the Year – 2007" as well as having the "Best Business Reputation" at the 2007 Russian Finance Awards, the foremost distinction for banking, insurance and finance companies. Our victory, came from a jury of independent industry experts and is a testament of a decade’s worth of hard work.
  • Number of company clients at the beginning of the year exceeds 25,000.

    The prominent monthly business magazine RBK names Alpari as the most reliable Russian Forex broker.

    Alpari becomes a leading financial brand, beginning its steady expansion into global markets.
  • Alpari is named "Best Internet Broker" at the Financial Elite of Russia Awards – the unequivocal conclusion of the expert council consisting of a number of Russia's leading economists, business figures and journalists. The awards program was held with the support of the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade, the Accounts Chamber, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The Public Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation invited me to become an advisor on economic issues. I gladly accepted the invitation, knowing that only through mutual engagement can we change things for the better. December - through my initiative, Alpari created a charitable fund. To this day, I remain the director. The fund is a continuation of the charity work that we had already been doing.
  • In 2004, Alpari played an important role in the creation of KROUFR, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of traders. Online trading was beginning to gain credibility in Russia, but Alpari's most significant efforts towards introducing regulation into the Russian Forex market were still to come. Alpari continued to move forward with its expansion, opening up offices in Kiev, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don and taking part in a number of trade shows. It wouldn't be long before our company passed the 10,000-client mark and began to open offices overseas.
  • In 2003, we upgraded to the more advanced MetaTrader software, which to this day remains the most popular trading platform in the world. In February, Alpari expanded into Russia's "northern capital", opening up an office in Saint Petersburg. Alpari also took part in the annual Online Trading Expo for the first time, a tradition that continues until today.
  • In 2002, business was really starting to pick up at Alpari, so we went on a hiring spree, acquiring new talent to meet the growing demands of our different lines of business. We also launched the English version of our site - the first major step in our international expansion - which would soon continue beyond the virtual world. In autumn, our company headquarters were finally moved to Moscow. Not long after the move, we brought on Boris Shilov, who currently serves as the CEO of our company.
  • Early in 2000, Alpari began to offer trading on MetaQuotes Software, the most advanced trading platform of its time. This marked the dawn of the era of online trading at Alpari.
  • In 1999, Alpari was going through a period of rapid growth. We held our first ever introductory seminar about Forex trading in Kazan. Among the attendees were representatives from banks and investment companies, some of whom would go on to become Alpari clients. On March 5, 1999, Alpari made its first transaction on the Forex market. A week later, on March 12, one of our clients made the first trade ever with Alpari. It was a winning trade.
  • Another step forward: I was named Commercial Director of the company "21st Century", which served as my introduction to the Forex market. I realized that my interest in the financial markets was more than just a hobby and so I began trading. My interest deepened and I started thinking about forming my own company. A short time later, I met some other people with the same interests. By combining our ideas, we opened a dealing center called "Alpari."
  • There weren't many opportunities for growth in the bank so I decided to look for another job. I got a position as the main accountant at Idel Arc Technoservice (a branch of Lukoil in Tatarstan) which gave me the chance to expand my horizons yet again: bookkeeping, document management for oil products. I also got my first experience in management, with thirty employees under my watch.
  • I finished my degree. Didn't go to the graduation ceremony. Work was more important.
  • I started working in the currency department of the local branch of Mezhkombank. I got lucky – it just so happened that at that time the bank was developing a currency monitoring group. As the group's expert, I was supposed to help develop new areas of business: currency guarantees, letters of credit and import-export monitoring. I handled everything that was given to me. Management was pleased with my work and put me in charge of an aircraft construction project with the Kazan Aircraft Production Association.
  • By assignment, I ended up studying in the college of Finance and Credit where I specialized in banking. I also started working on the side; I got a job as an accountant for a jewelry company.
  • After finishing school, I was accepted into a financial economic institute and a pedagogical institute. I chose economics.
  • I started attending "School # 6" on Rakhmatullin Street. I didn't exactly shine in school but I consistently got solid marks. Of course I wasn't just studying algebra and geography, but I was also receiving my very first lessons in life.
  • I was born on July 8, 1975.
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